Mr. Lee Chuen Fei

18 years’ experience driving implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Project Risk Management (PRM)  and Certifications to various ISO Management Systems as Vice President (Business Excellence and Risk Management) at  a large listed Organisation and as ERM Consultant.

Awarded SPRING Singapore Standard Partners Merit Award (2013) for representing Singapore National Working Group in international meetings to establish ISO31000 Risk Management Standard.

Since 2014, engaged as ERM Consultant by GLC, NUS (Office of Risk Management), NIPSEA (Nippon Paint South East Asia, BCP Asia and other organizations.

Feb 2016, developed SSG funded 3-Days WSQ Certified – Enterprise Risk Management Course and facilitate public and in-house training sessions for BCP Asia. RIMAS issues CERA (Certified Enterprise Risks Analyst) to members who have completed this Course.

June 2017, Certified as Professional Management Consultant (PSCMC) by Tuv Sud Pte Ptd . Engaged as Consultant for SPRING CDG (Capability Development Grant) to help SMEs in ERM implementation to improve productivity.