Track B – Session 4:
Protecting Critical Infrastructure: How to use a Proactive Security Management Process

The protection of critical infrastructure assets is vital to every government, organisation, business and person. If the asset forms part of the essential critical infrastructure, then the loss can be catastrophic and far reaching with considerable national consequences.

To avoid such damaging outcomes, requires a wide range of in-built security planning, structures, and operating procedures. A solution is to use a more adaptive, proactive, comprehensive security management process to: prevent, detect, deter, respond and defeat potential damaging events and incidents. Core to this security planning is a full understanding of the potential consequences of worst-case-scenarios as well as implementing a multi-layered intelligence gathering capabilities. Adopting a process driven model is a more proactive approach and grounded upon current operational procedures used by major international companies in hostile and dangerous environments. By utilizing such a clearly defined comprehensive risk management tool, a more systematic security, threat, risk and vulnerability assessment (STRVA), process can be developed.