Preconference Masterclass: The Journey to Resilience in Today's World

Masterclass A  (09:00am – 12:30pm) : Seamless integration – Strategies for Your Risk and Business Continuity Programme

Masterclass B  (01:30pm – 5:30pm) : Do more with less – Take your BC Planning to next level with Exercise and Testing

Masterclass A | Seamless Integration: Strategies for Your Risk and Business Continuity Programme

16 August 2023 | 09:00am – 12:30pm (GMT+7, Thailand Time)

by Mr. Henry Ee, Managing Director, BCP Asia

This advanced course is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of how to integrate enterprise risk and business continuity management. The course focuses on understanding the interrelationships between them and developing strategies to ensure a seamless approach. You will learn how to develop effective risk and business continuity strategies, how to develop and implement effective programmes, and how to measure performance. The course also covers the importance of communication, the role of leadership, and how to ensure the programme is effectively embedded in the organisation.

Course Outline :

  1. Understanding the Relationship between Enterprise Risk and Business Continuity
  2. Developing effective Strategies for a Seamless Integration
  3. Effective Programme Design and Implementation
  4. Measuring Performance in Risk and Business Continuity Programmes
  5. The Role of Leadership and communication in seamless integration

Masterclass B | Creating Effective and Realistic Business Continuity Exercise that Fits Your Budget

16 August 2023 | 01:30pm – 05:30pm (GMT+7, Thailand Time)

by Mr. Raymond Ee, Senior Consultant, BCP Asia

During this masterclass, Raymond will provide an overview of how to plan an effective and realistic business continuity exercise with a limited budget. He will recommend the necessary steps for planning and executing a successful exercise, including assessing risks and aligning the exercise with relevant business objectives.

Moreover, Raymond will also discuss approaches to cost-saving and emphasise the importance of utilising technology to improve exercise outcomes. Lastly, he will provide guidance on how to evaluate the exercise results to maximise the value of your available budget

Course outline :

  1. Introduction: Selecting the right types of exercise to facilitate
  2. Steps to Plan and Execute a Successful Business Continuity Exercise: Assessing risks to determine the exercise scenario and aligning the exercise to business objectives
  3. Cost-Saving and Realistic Approaches: Leveraging technologies and tools to add engagement. Improving the experience of exercises conducted online
  4. Evaluating the Results: Surveys and reports are necessary to closeout an exercise
  5. Conclusion: Summary and Question & Answer

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